Spiced Pepper Spread

4 large bell peppers, yellow, orange or red, about 2 pounds
2 teaspoons cumin seeds, or 2 teaspoons ground cumin
1 inch long piece of ginger, peeled
Salt and pepper to taste

Grill or broil peppers: adjust a rack about 4 inches from the heat source. Grill or broil the peppers, turning frequently as they blacken, until they collapse, about 15 minutes. Wrap in aluminum foil and let cool.

Toast cumin seeds in a dry skillet over medium heat, shaking pan occasionally and removing from heat when fragrant. Grind to a powder in a coffee or spice grinder.

When peppers are cool, remove core, skin and all seeds. Place peppers in a food processor with cumin and ginger; add a large pinch of salt and pur?e. Stop machine, adjust salt and pepper to taste. Store, well covered, in the refrigerator for several days, or the freezer for up to a month. Return to room temperature before serving.
This is an ideal dip for bread, especially focaccia, and a perfect sauce for any grilled or roasted meat or fish. It adds flavor to mild dishes like grilled chicken or broiled halibut, and nicely complements roast lamb or cold poached shrimp.