Diane’s Hungarian Trifle

1 box cake mix (yellow or marble)
1 large package cook-and-serve vanilla pudding
1 can Hershey?s chocolate sauce
dark rum
1/3 cup white raisins soaked in dark rum
2 1/2 pint cartons of whipping cream; whipped with a little bit of powdered sugar and vanilla
pint of strawberries; a few whole, the rest sliced

In a large glass trifle dish:

Put a layer of cake squares down first.

Cover with pudding.

Add chocolate sauce and sprinkle with raisings.

Top with whipped cream and strawberries.
Make 1-2 more layers.

Top with lots of whipped cream and decorate with whole strawberries.

Notes: Make it one day ahead. It will keep for 5 days and get better as it ages. Don?t skimp on the rum. Omit strawberries from inside if not serving within 24 hours.