No Knead Pizza Dough II

3 3/4 Cup Bread Flour
2 1/2 Tablespoons instant or other active dry yeast
3/4 teaspoon table salt or other fine sea salt
3/4 teaspoon plus a pinch of sugar
1 1/3 Cup room temperature water (~72F)

In a medium bowl, stir together the flour, yeast, salt, and sugar. Add the water and using a wooden spoon or your hand mix until blended, at least 30 seconds. The dough is a bit stiffer than most of the others in (his) book, not as wet and sticky. Cover the bowl and let sit at room temperature until the dough has doubled in volume, about 2 hours.

Oil two 13-by-18-inch rimmed baking sheets. Use a bowl scraper or rubber spatula to scrape half of the dough onto an oiled pan in one piece. Gently pull and stretch the dough across the surface of the pan, and use your hands to press it evenly out to the edges. If the dough sticks to your fingers, lightly dust it with flour or coat your hands with oil. Pinch any holes together. Repeat (or save and freeze) the second one.

The dough is ready to top as you like.