1 pound beets
enough water to cover
1-2 TBS vegetable or chicken bullion
cider vinegar
brown sugar
black pepper
sour cream (1-2 TBS per diner)
chopped dill

Starting with a pound of beets, cut beets in half or quarters, depending on their size. Don’t bother to peel them.

Cook beets in a soup pot, just covered with water until they’re tender but not squishy. Remove them from the pot (do not drain the liquid) and chop them into small pieces (if you have a food mill or want to mess with a grater, grate them. It makes for a nice, uniform beet mixture). Put the chopped beets back into the pot.

In a saute pan, saute a large chopped onion in a little olive oil until the onion is translucent. Add the onion to the soup pot.

Add water until the beets are covered by two inches of water. Add vegetable or chicken bullion to taste–around 1tsp per cup of liquid, or less if you don’t like the salt. Heat to boiling just until the bullion is completely dissolved.

Add a splash of cider vinegar (2-3 TBS)

Add brown sugar to taste (1-2 TBS)

Finish off with several grinds of black pepper.

Chill quickly by partially submerging the soup pot in a sink full of cold water, then place the pot in the refrigerator to thoroughly chill.

Serve with sour cream and chopped dill.

Good sides include fresh bread and butter, pickles or sliced cucumbers and tomato.

Add chopped cooked potatoes for a heartier borscht.