Slow-Cooked Hoisin Pork Wraps with Peanut Slaw

Hoisin and Ginger Shredded Pork
6 pounds pork butt, trimmed of thick fat
Salt and pepper
6 cloves garlic, smashed
1 large piece fresh ginger, about five inches long
1 bottle hoisin sauce (12-15 ounces)*

Rub the trimmed pork shoulder all over with salt and fresh cracked black pepper. Put in the slow cooker (cut in pieces first, if necessary). Add the smashed garlic cloves, tucking them around the pork. Peel and grate the ginger and put it in too. Pour the hoisin sauce over everything. Cover and cook on low for about 10 hours or overnight.

When finished and tender, use two large forks to shred the meat and mix it with the sauce.

*Note: Hoisin sauce is a rather sweet and lightly spicy barbecue sauce used in Chinese cooking. If you don’t want to use a processed product from the store, try making your own! Here is a recipe for basic hoisin sauce that calls for soy sauce, honey, hot sauce, and other common ingredients.

To Serve:
1 batch Crunchy Peanut Slaw (see related recipe)
2 dozen small tortillas or wraps (lavash bread is also nice, although I prefer whole wheat tortillas)
Spicy chili-garlic sauce (if desired)

Warm the tortillas in the microwave, covered with a damp towel. Serve the pork, tortillas, and slaw together, wrapping up the slaw and pork together.

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