Green Curry Laksa

10-12 oz of laksa noodles (Rice noodles,Vietnamese Bun Bo Hue noodles, or Vietnamese tapioca noodles (Banh Canh))

1/4 cup dried shrimp soak in warm water until soft, about 5 minutes
2 stalks of lemongrass trim off woody ends and cut into 2-inch pieces
4 scallion trim off the bottom
4 cloves garlic peeled
2 inch fresh ginger peeled
2 Thai chili stemmed
1 handful of fresh cilantro leaves and the stems
2 Tbsp fish sauce

2 Tbsp cooking oil
1 lb boneless skinless chicken thigh cut into 1-inch pieces
1 medium eggplant trim off the stem and cut into 1-inch cubes
6 cups water
6 fresh kaffir lime leaves (tear edges to release flavor)
14 oz coconut cream (you can use coconut milk for thinner consistency)

1 tsp sugar
3 Tbsp Fish sauce or more to taste

3 cups fresh mung bean sprouts blanch briefly in boiling water
Juice of 2 limes
Fresh basil leaves

Cook the noodles according to instruction on the package. Set aside.

Place all the ingredients for green curry paste in a food processor and process into a paste.

Preheat cooking oil in a large pot. When the pot is hot enough, add chicken pieces and stir-fry until they turn opaque, about 3-4 minutes. Add in eggplant. Stir fry for another minute. Pour in the green curry paste and kaffir lime leaves and stir to mix everything. Add in water and bring to a gentle simmer and cook until the chicken is cooked through and the veggies are soft but not mushy.

Stir in coconut cream/milk. Add in sugar and fish sauce. Bring to just a gentle simmer, not boiling. Squeeze in lime juice. Have a taste and add more fish sauce to your taste.

Portion out the noodles and bean sprouts into individual serving bowls. Ladle some chicken, mushrooms, and eggplants over the noodles. Generously ladle the hot soup over the noodles and serve with fresh basil and extra lime on the side.

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