Kathi Daal (Tamarind Lentil Soup)

1 cup mung lentils
a few cups water
salt, red chilli – to taste
1/2 tsb turmeric
2-3 tbsp tamarind paste
2 tbsp sambar masala

Temper with:
a few dry red chills, 1 tsb mustard seeds, 2 garlics slivered and a few curry leaves

Boil the lentil with water, turmeric, red chilli powder, salt and water until quite mushy and squash down with the lentil with a spoon, and once you find it is quite cooked, you can use a hand held blender, I swear by Dualit Hand Held Blender kit. The lentil should be not too thick but rather a bit watery.

Once ready, add an equal amount of tamarind, sugar and chill to balance out the flavours. What you are after is an equal flavour of each coming through.

Now heat oil in a small deep saucepan and heat oil in it once very hot temper the mustard seeds, garlic, curry leaves and red dried chilli. Don’t over brown. Pour over the lentil (which should now be in a serving dish).

Enjoy own its on as a soup or with plain boiled basmati rice.

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