Cauliflower Coconut Milk Curry (with Variations)

Oil – 2 tbsp
Mustard seeds – 1/2 tsp
Curry leaves – a few
Cumin seeds – 1/2 tsp
Whole spices – a small piece of cinnamon, 2-3 cloves, 4-5 black pepper corns, 1-2 whole cardamom pods
Onion – 1 medium, finely chopped
Ginger – a 1? piece, finely chopped
Green chili – 2, chopped
Tomato – 1 large, chopped
Turmeric powder – 1/4 tsp
Red chili powder – 1/2 tsp
Coconut milk – 1 cup
Cauliflower – 1 small head, cut into florets
Salt – as per taste
Water – as needed

Coarsely grind the cumin seeds and whole spices in a mortar and pestle. Keep aside. (Alternately, you can use half a teaspoon of garam masala powder, but I highly recommend that you grind your own spices.)

Heat oil in a pan. Add the mustard seeds and curry leaves. When they start to sputter, add the ground spices and allow them to become fragrant.

Add the onion and ginger and saute till the onions are soft and start changing color, but do not allow them to brown.
Now add the tomatoes and chopped green chilis and cook till the tomatoes are mushy.

Add the masala powders and mix well. To this, add the coconut milk and bring to a gentle boil.

Add the cauliflower florets and season with salt. Add about a quarter cup of water, cover and cook. Once the cauliflower is cooked, open the lid and boil the curry further so that it thickens slightly. You could also mash a couple of the florets with the back of a spoon.

Garnish with more curry leaves (or maybe some cilantro) and serve with the lemon rice. This curry goes excellently with almost any kind of Indian flat bread too.

Substitute cauliflower with potatoes, green peas or a mix of vegetables like carrots and green beans. Adjust the liquid and cooking time accordingly.

Any curry cooked with coconut milk will further thicken upon standing. Keep this in mind while reducing the curry in the end.

Serve with Lemon Rice.

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