Smorrebrod Ideas

Gravadlaks with pickled fennel, herbed mayo, and dill
Gravadlaks with shaved cabbage, dill, bacon bits
Smoked salmon, cream cheese, and capers
Shrimp and hard-boiled eggs with herbed mayo, bacon bits, and dill or microgreens
Smoked trout rillette with dill or microgreens
Tuna rillette
Tuna salad with roasted red peppers

Roast beef, cheddar, crispy onions (or pickled, or grilled, or onion jam), and microgreens
Roast beef, root vegetable remoulade, crispy onions, and shaved horseradish

Chicken salad on lettuce
Sliced turkey, brie, and sliced apple

Prosciutto or ham, whole grain mustard, and cornichons
Prosciutto or ham, havarti or swiss cheese, whole grain mustard, and microgreens

Goat cheese, fresh figs, and balsamic drizzle
Sliced mozzarella, sliced tomato, and basil
Ricotta, roasted eggplant, and sumac
Whipped feta, shaved radish, shaved cucumber, and microgreens
Smoked cheese, sliced potatoes, herbed mayo, pickled cucumber, shaved radishes, crushed flax seeds, and microgreens
Cheddar and chutney on lettuce
Pimento cheese

Hummus, shaved cucumber, and black sesame seeds

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