Green Curry Chicken with Noodles

2 Cups Chicken, Sliced Thinly
1 Cup Sweet Basil Leaves
4 Tablespoons Coconut Milk
3 Tablespoons Green Curry Paste
3 Tablespoons Palm Sugar
3 Tablespoons Fish Sauce
3 Fresh Thai Chile Peppers
Sweet chili sauce

In a wok or skillet over medium heat, warm the coconut milk and add the curry paste, stirring briskly until it becomes aromatic. Discard any oil film that forms on the surface.

Add the chicken and stir fry until it just begins to change color.

Add the remaining ingredients, except the basil, and continue to stir fry until the chicken ia almost cooked through.

Finally, add half the basil and stir briefly then transfer to a serving platter.

Dip half the basil in sweet chili sauce, and then fry it in hot oil until crispy, then use to garnish the curry.

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